Quality Assurance

Quality Without Compromise.


As a leading capacitor manufacturer, we’re committed to delivering high-performing and reliable products. Here are five key points that highlight our quality assurance program:

  1. Comprehensive testing and inspection processes are used to ensure that every capacitor we produce meets our stringent quality standards.
  2. Our quality-focused culture permeates every aspect of our organization. Every employee is trained to prioritize quality in their work.
  3. We comply with all relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring that all our capacitors adhere to these standards.
  4. We’re committed to continuous improvement and regularly review and update our quality assurance procedures to reflect the latest industry best practices and technological advancements.
  5. Our customer-centric approach means that our quality assurance processes are designed to ensure that our capacitors meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Test Facilities

From product design, material procurement and manufacturing to packaging and shipping, Fencon has a strict quality control policy. Our high precision inspection equipment and highly trained technicians follow this policy to the smallest detail from the start to finish of every single one of our products. 

We believe that quality is achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure a high standard products, services, processes, and technology offered to our clients.


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